Lake Tahoe, NV

Kaempfer Crowell regularly works with the State Engineer (Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Division of Water Resources), the Southern Nevada Water Authority, the Las Vegas Water District, the Truckee Meadows Water Authority, the Public Utilities Commission and various governmental entities on behalf of its clients on issues pertaining to water rights and resource management. These include various applications for surface and ground water rights, applications for changes in water rights, as well as protesting such applications, along with assisting clients in avoiding the forfeiture of water rights and placing the water to beneficial use. The firm’s attorneys have experience in all the legal and administrative procedures and laws that stem from Title 48, Nevada’s guiding statute on water law to the Truckee River Decree established in the 1800s.

From Nevada’s rural agrarian communities to some of the fastest growing counties and cities in the country, water law demands experienced legal team dedication to navigating the complex laws that govern its use, ownership and overall management in our local communities., We work with our clients to develop their water management strategies and goals.

For your reference, this link contains information about basic water conversion factors.